September Goals

When September comes, I can’t help but dive into all things fall. As I approach the busiest time for my business, I want to make sure I’m looking up each and every day. Seeing the good, the beautiful, the blessings; even when it feels like there are not enough hours in the day. I want to make sure I’m not speeding through my most favorite part of the year in order to be productive. Here are my goals for this month:

  • Finish the first month of the contentment challenge well
  • Spend the first hour of my morning on me: meditation, devotional, reading a book, journaling, working out
  • Pick two days each week that I won’t work…at all!
  • Block work hours and don’t deviate from the schedule
  • Play in the leaves with my family
  • Date night (in or out) each week with Ryan


september goals

Many of these goals are related to my business. But they are also related to chasing margin and valuing the people in my life over what I do. I put so much time, energy and thought into my photography business, but it’s just a small piece of my life. The expectations that I have put on myself have to be re-worked.

I want to start stripping away the titles I’ve given myself and remember that I am the daughter of the one true king. He has put me in this exact place to be the wife to my sweet husband & mother to my children. A friend, daughter, confidant.

You are so much more than your titles. You’re a living, breathing soul who wants to be ignited by purpose, drive and passion. Your life is worth more than how connected you are on social media or if you’re trending in your new wardrobe. Our time is not guaranteed and I want to make sure I’m spending it well. On the people and things that matter and letting all of the trivial pieces blow into the wind with the falling leaves.

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