October Goals

This October will be my busiest yet in my photography business. 19 sessions just in the month of October! I have a few more sessions booked in the first few weeks of November too. October is also my most favorite time of the year. I don’t want to miss out on these moments & memories with my family, which is why I strategically only booked 2-3 evenings per week for fall sessions. This means many of my sessions are back-to-back, but it’s worth it to have that margin the rest of the week.

October Goals

  • Thrive in this full business season
  • Pray daily for our sweet baby
  • Create more margin in my week
    • Spend 1 hour or less on my phone (tracking via Moment app)
    • Check email & social media only twice per day (removed email & Facebook apps from my phone)
  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Play in the leaves with my family
  • Embrace the 2nd month of the contentment challenge in this season of life


Last month, I started sharing my monthly goals on this blog. After you’ve established goals for the month, it’s easy to create new ones for the next month and forget about the goals you created for the past month. I’ve found that evaluating my goals at the end of the month before creating new ones makes me more likely to follow through with them. So, here is my update from September’s goals:

  • Finish the first month of the contentment challenge well…✔️ (besides a business purchase & $15 shoe request for our anniversary, did great!)
  • Spend the first hour of my morning on me: meditation, devotional, reading a book, journaling, working out…needs some work but I’m focusing on progress over perfection
  • Pick two days each week that I won’t work…at all! ✔️
  • Block work hours and don’t deviate from the schedule…✔️ (loved the margin I felt this month!)
  • Play in the leaves with my family…leaves haven’t turned yet!
  • Date night (in or out) each week with Ryan…✔️

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