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When September comes, I can’t help but dive into all things fall. As I approach the busiest time for my business, I want to make sure I’m looking up each and every day. Seeing the good, the beautiful, the blessings; even when it feels like there are not enough hours in the day. I want […]

If you want to bring happiness to the world, go home and love your family. -Mother Teresa I first met Kristin at a meal planning party with other moms from our church earlier this year. We hit it off quickly with the shared experience of both having worked at local colleges. I could tell right […]

Last week on Instagram, I shared that I’ll be doing my first ever contentment challenge starting on September 1, 2017. Nancy Ray is the creator of the original contentment challenge & whose guidelines I am using for myself. What is a contentment challenge? Basically, I’ll be giving up shopping for 3 months. Yep. I said […]

This year is the first year that I offered summer mini sessions & I’m so glad I did! Last year, I offered fall & Christmas mini (here and here) sessions. I usually only offer mini sessions two times per year. I enjoy offering them during busy seasons to make sure I can serve more families […]

“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.” -Hazrat Inayat Khan The Carpenters have definitely made their 1920’s fixer upper a home that is beyond beautiful. I first saw Niki & Matt’s house on Instagram and fell in love with all of the shiplap & white space. When I realized that they only […]

Do you ever feel like you have to relearn something again and again? Yet, you don’t quite get over it or move through it. That’s my relationship with overwhelm. I let it consume my thoughts, paralyze my actions and stop my progress. I’ve been trying to follow all of the rules, but I think it’s […]

Getting to photograph the extended Johnson clan every year has become such a blessing for me. I love getting to see their family grow & change throughout the year. The patriarch and matriarch, Joey & Carolyn, have such a tangible, sweet love for their kids and grandkids. It’s really fun to witness the love flowing […]

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” – Maya Angelou Last weekend, it was my honor to witness Jeff & Coleen renew their vows for their 10 year anniversary. Not only have they been my clients since the beginning, […]

Motherhood Series | inspiring you to make the most of this window of our lives that has little people dwelling in our homes & hearts Have you ever felt like you had a lot of friends but don’t actually feel close & connected to them? Or maybe you felt connected, but kids happened and you […]

Anytime a birthday rolls around, it’s natural to reflect on the life you’ve already lived and think about the rest of the years you hope to have. You think about the choices you’re proud of and the ones you’re not so proud. You think about love, friendships, family and how they all intertwine into your […]

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