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August 1, 2017

Breaking All the Rules

Do you ever feel like you have to relearn something again and again? Yet, you don’t quite get over it or move through it. That’s my relationship with overwhelm. I let it consume my thoughts, paralyze my actions and stop my progress. I’ve been trying to follow all of the rules, but I think it’s time to start breaking all the rules.

Lately, I’ve had a hard time wanting to blog or post on social media. I’ve been overthinking and overanalyzing what I think you want to see. What I think I should be posting & sharing as a photographer. Trying to follow all these arbitrary “rules” that frankly don’t work for me. They truthfully make me want to crawl into a hole and not share anything outside of my photoshoots.

When you let everything become a mark on your to-do list, it takes all of the fun out of it and you stop living your authentic, beautiful life. I’ve shared before that overwhelm is something I’ve struggled with for years. Sometimes I feel like I’ve grasped how to change it and then other days I find I’m just relearning the same things over and over. And that’s ok. That’s why I write about the things I struggle with. I know I will probably not overcome the feelings of overwhelm permanently. As someone who loves order & planning, it is easy to be overwhelmed by life.


It’s what you do with the overwhelm that defines who you are that and how you act. This is where I want to grow & learn. I’m understanding that you can’t get rid of overwhelm, but you can use different tactics to diffuse it.

For me, heart to hearts with my husband, exploring with my girls, working out, spending time with friends & family and most importantly barely touching my phone all day are ways I reconnect to myself and feel centered. Phones have become such a distraction and escape from daily life, including for me. To change this habit, I’ve been tracking my usage and making a point to have my phone out of sight most of the weekend. Whatever you think is pressing, it can wait. If you’re struggling with this too, download the Moment app!

From now on, I plan to share more of my journal thoughts on life, marriage, motherhood, home renovating, being a business owner and everything in between here and through social media. I’m more than just a photographer. You are more than your profession too and the world wants to hear your thoughts on the matters of the heart.

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