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January 17, 2018

2018 Goals

2018 goals

I’m finally ready to share my 2018 goals…even though we are a few weeks past New Year’s Day! I’m hear to tell you that you don’t need to have your entire year planned out on January 1. Though I was that girl for the past 15 years.

I used to stress and mull over what I wanted a new year to look like. Writing out 15-20 things I wanted to accomplish, even if it was lofty or unreasonable. If I didn’t meet just one of those goals, I was disappointed in myself. In the past, I have been so hard on myself for not accomplishing something I wrote down or told someone I wanted to do.

As I’ve gotten older and we’ve had more children, I’ve had to shift my expectations for myself, our family and my business. This does not come easy for me. I still often think that I can do all and conquer all. When in fact this thinking has left me burnout and miserable more times than I can count.

Defining Success

What drives us to think this way? Behave this way? For me, it is how I have defined success for so long. I always strived to be successful at everything I did from a very young age. I so often let others’ expectations define what success looked like for me. Instead of defining success for myself, even though it might not look like success to the outside world.

The drive, determination (and stubbornness) I had as a child and teen was complimented by many. Many encouraged this thinking and lauded my ambition. Inherently these are excellent qualities, but for me it was the only version of myself that I thought would be acceptable. Failing was not an option. Second place was not an option. This set me up for failure and disappointment.

The Journey vs. The Destination

As I reflect back on the past thirty years, I am reminded time and time again that it isn’t about getting to the destination first or with the flashiest car. It is truly about enjoying the journey. Opening yourself up to what you will learn along the way. Not always having everything planned.

As a planner by nature, this goes against every fiber of my being. But you miss the beauty of the ride when you’re only focused on crossing the finish line. Does crossing the finish line even matter anymore if we’re enjoying the scenery and the company along the way?

Defining Your Goals

You might be thinking, how does this relate to goal setting? If you don’t know what you want out of your life, how do you set goals & actionable steps to get there? Thanks to Lara Casey & Jenna Kutcher‘s excellent and free resources, I am now looking at goal setting from a different lens.

Instead of seeking productivity and more, more, more, I want to take small steps toward building a legacy that I’m proud of. Much of that legacy has nothing to do with money or business, but with the people around me. My family and friends. My community. Serving them well and remembering that it’s not about me. It’s about what God wants me to do with this life.

What a waste it will be if I only use my time on earth for my own purposes. It is so natural to focus solely on what I want to accomplish. Many of my goals and aspirations are noble and good, but if I’m in the driver’s seat all of the time…what am I missing as I careen towards the finish line?

My 2018 Goals

These are not SMART goals. No one else but myself can really measure them. But this is what I know I need to leave as my legacy. This is the direction I need to go in 2018.

  1. Love my family well – vibrant, soul-filled marriage and joy-filled kids
  2. Simplify our home/lifestyle
  3. Simplify our keepsakes
  4. Rest & retreat – meditation, prayer, mindfulness, taking care of my body through nutrition & fitness
  5. Thoughtfully planned photography business – defined parameters & desired outcomes

Each season (winter, spring, summer, fall) I am going to set more specific goals with actionable steps that relate in some way to these overarching, life-filled goals. Stay tuned for my winter goals that will be on the blog next week!

Here’s are my questions for you to ponder today:

Do you set goals each year in January?

Do you like your system or are you open to something new?

What do you want your legacy to be?

Are you pursuing that on a regular basis or waiting to focus on that “down the road?”

Tell me in the comments!

Pssst….did you know I’m taking off six months for maternity leave? For more information on my availability in 2018 and what my maternity leave will look like, sign up for my monthly newsletter HERE! It’ll be going out tomorrow morning with my limited schedule for this year.

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