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January 22, 2018

Lifestyle Newborn Session | Emerald | Dayton Newborn Photographer

You may remember a magical tree farm maternity session that I had with the Marriett’s last month. If not, here it is! After meeting this kind and sweet family, I knew that their lifestyle newborn session was going to be a joy to photograph. As with any newborn session, you set a date knowing that it may not work out. Newborn sessions require flexibility since a full term baby’s arrival can happen anytime in a five week window and unforeseen complications are always a possibility. As fate would have it, this little lady needed a bili blanket and my family got the flu on Christmas day so we postponed until she was a little bit older. It worked out perfectly though.

This little sweetie made her arrival on Christmas morning. How befitting since her name is Emerald. She gets to have the honor of being the first baby born on Christmas morning in Cincinnati! Her arrival into the world couldn’t have been smoother. Emerald was welcomed by her doting mom, Angelina, and dad, AJ. Later that day, she got to meet the best big sisters and I can already tell this is going to be a beautiful childhood for this precious baby girl.

Being fairly far along in the third trimester myself, it was fun and exciting to see them welcome their third baby girl since we’ll be doing that in the near future. By near future, I mean within the next month! I’ll be sharing how I prepared for my maternity leave next week on the blog.

For now though, meet sweet Emmy Lou (isn’t that the most adorable nickname?!) at 13 days new!

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