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August 16, 2018

Sunset Lifestyle Session|Gaston Family | London, OH

Shortly after a heartbreaking loss in their family this past winter, Jen emailed me wanting to set up a sunset lifestyle session at their farmhouse this summer. I could tell from her words how much she wanted to freeze time with this photoshoot to have these memories forever. In a way, it was a tribute to sweet little Grady that they would live life to the fullest and not take any moment for granted. 

We started the evening letting the younger ones show off their gator and power wheel skills. They were cracking everyone up, including me! I loved starting this way because I’m able to get a better feel for each of their personalities. Starting out with an activity that they love allows me the opportunity to document the true reality of their summer nights together.

Watching Jen & Ben’s blended family interact during their sunset lifestyle session was a joy. The youngest ones would quibble and then chase each other around. The oldest girls were cracking up at the antics of their younger siblings. As I watched Jen & Ben observe their kids, there was a a peacefulness on their faces. Complete relaxation seeing their kids just be kids.

Throughout the session, I smiled multiple times knowing how many sweet moments I was capturing for their family. I get so excited knowing what I’m seeing through my lens is what I get to gift to my clients after our session.

The wheat field portion of our session was one of my favorite parts. This beautiful field in its full glory was the reason why we did our session at the end of June. 

The light, the candids, the sweet moments between mom and dad.

For me, I enjoyed this photoshoot on a deeper level because I remember coming to this farmhouse for family gatherings as a child. Jen is actually one of my many first cousins and her parents used to live here. When her and her husband, Ben, moved in with their family, they revived the inside and I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like.

I remember watching my brother and all of our boy cousins playing basketball near the garage at Thanksgiving. Games of croquet in the side yard. Spitting watermelon seeds off the porch. Pictures from when I was a toddler eating cake with family in their yard.

This sunset lifestyle session was a dream. Which is why I’d love to do more and more lifestyle sessions every year.

Want to know why you should do a lifestyle session? Interested in what it’s like? I’ll be sharing more behind the scenes of lifestyle sessions next week!

Until then, here is one of my favorite sessions I’ve ever done. If you like shiplap, you’ll love this house!

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