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September 20, 2018

Gorman Family | Dayton Family Photographer | Wegerzyn Gardens Metropark

I just loved this family session so much. Their sweet little boys were a riot. They never stopped moving and kept this session at Wegerzyn Gardens Metropark moving with them.

This beautiful mama, Meghan, is a talented wedding photographer based out of Troy. We met through the local TuesdaysTogether group last year. Photographing another photographer’s family made my heart race and my hands sweat more than usual. But what a compliment it is to photograph another storyteller’s family!

I hope you enjoy the Gorman family as much as I did!

I’ve slowly started to focus on motherhood in my sessions. I want every mom who books a family session with me to have beautiful pictures with her children. We take pictures of our kids playing every day, but rarely do we get in the pictures with them. I want your children to look back on their childhood and see you present in the images just like you were present in real life.

This little guy kept me on my toes all night! I’m not surprised that the three minutes he sat still was while his mama was holding him. She had the magic sauce to make him happy and giggly every single time!

There is something so special about brothers. I’m sure they fight and push each other…but they explore together, make each other laugh and have a connection that surpasses traditional childhood friendship. And they’ll still hug you when you’re crying.

I know I just said that I’m focusing on motherhood during my sessions, but we love our dads too!! Fatherhood is a treasured role that is not discussed enough in our world today.

These are the moments I strive to give my families every single time I do a session. One day, they won’t want to hold your hand and they’ll be too big to carry. A reminder that these messy, exhausting days with littles are SO hard, but fleeting.

Watching Gavin with John was like watching my oldest interact with her little sisters. His kind and caring personality showed through right away. I could also tell that he’s SO smart! 

I love photographing this age. They’re on the cusp of starting elementary school. You often have to keep reminding yourself that they’re only five, even though they act like an adult half of the time.

One of my favorite parts of a family session is pulling the parents to the side to take a few pictures of them alone. Bringing them back to where it all began…just the two of them.

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  1. Meghan Gorman

    September 24th, 2018 at 11:43 am

    LOVE all of this! You’re so sweet to write about my family and we adored our time with you. <3

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