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January 8, 2019

Year in Review – 2018

year in review

When I go back and review my goals for 2018, I’m reminded of how much progress I made this past year. I thought it would be hard to come up with specific victories that happened. Oftentimes, the past 12 months felt like a blur with almost constant demands of three young children and a business I do mostly in my fringe hours.

But, SO many good things happened in 2018 that were right in alignment with my goals:


  • our oldest, Reese, learned to ride a bike without training wheels, learned to read books and has the most adorable big kid haircut
  • our middle daughter, Avery, became a doting big sister, loved helping with everything around the house and displayed her independence and determination in every way
  • the birth of our sweet Clara and what a miracle that was
  • focus on unplugged time with our family, which is why this blog of mine hasn’t had very much love lately


Photography Business

  • an overflowing photography schedule with clients that I love
  • establishing better boundaries for work from our home life
  • creating more systems to automate and organize my business in Honeybook



  • a mini kitchen renovation that opened up our dining room to the kitchen (been eyeing that one since we moved in)
  • beautiful window boxes for our exterior that my husband lovingly built me
  • front yard landscaping (finally!!)
  • our house really feeling like a home after 3.5 years of renovations


year in review

As you can see, there is so much to be thankful for. Sometimes, you have to take a break from the day-to-day to see the progress that was made little by little. To think, this all happened with 3 kids under 5 and basically no childcare.

When I compare the year in review to my five themes from last year that became my life mantra, I find so much joy that I really stayed true to those themes for the most part.¬†Next week, I’ll be sharing my 2019 goals with you which I’m SO excited about. Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, I encourage you to review this past year if you haven’t already and ask yourself these questions:

  • What worked for you in 2018?
    • Family
    • Home
    • Business/Career
  • What are you most proud of from 2018 (big or small)?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What changes can you make in 2019?


I’d love to hear about it in the comments below and cheer you on!

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