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February 1, 2019

February Goals

Look at me, I’m on time with my monthly goals post! Before moving on to February’s goals, I want to take a minute to look back at January’s monthly goals.

february goals

Reflecting on January’s Goals

Little by little, I made progress with focus. Not as much as I had planned, but I’m choosing grace over perfection. Here are some areas where I made progress in the past month:

  • Contentment Challenge – did great, except for the need to purchase snow boots for our snowpocalypse!
  • Mapped out a monthly budget & stuck to it
  • Limited distractions to focus on my family
  • Created monthly & yearly session goals
  • Finished EBP taxes
  • Evaluated what worked & didn’t last year
  • Read 4 books! (goal was only 1)
  • Worked out 2 times/week (goal was 3, but this is progress)
  • Wrote in the girls’ journals

February Goals

For the month of February, I knew that I needed to trim down my action items if I wanted to stay motivated. Winter is usually a time of rest in my business. I had an unusual amount of January sessions, but am looking forward to only one session this month.

february goals


Enjoy a simple & sweet 1st birthday for Clara

Finish 2017 family album

Plan & write February blog posts in advance

Plan out social media in advance

Create & send EBP newsletter

Mommy/Daughter Day



Contentment Challenge – Month 2

Turn off phone at 8:30 pm

Read before bed

Move my body



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