Eleanor roosevelt

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

You're probably expecting me to list off all of my titles. You know those identifiers, like mom, wife, photographer, home renovator. Those labels we use as a buffer between our heart and the world. A way to relate. A way to blend in.

But we were born to stand out. Born to speak our truth and share our why with the world. For me, photographs represent memories of times past. I can look at certain photos from my childhood and it transports me back to that place and time. Makes me feel like that 10 year old again who proudly showed her animals at the county fair.

That is why I love being behind my camera. Those memories become real for my families when they see their finished galleries. My hope is always that these are cherished mementos they can look back on time and again.

For some, they can be a physical reminder of their parents' love or give them comfort when a loved one has passed away. I do not take lightly the power that photographs hold for so many people. It's why I'm so passionate about creating that for my families.